Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Musings of My Man

My husband has read some of my blogs poking fun at him. He has come to the strange conclusion that I like love him or something. I am wondering when he is going to realize he was just a fling already. It's been twenty going on twenty one years already.

So, I had posted that the inspection sticker on his car is from November of 2005, and I had a fit when I realized he had not gotten his car inspected. And knowing my doodie face the way that I do, I know that it's not that he has just forgotten to do it. Then it would only be a few months old NOT years old.

Finally, he manages to get the windshield wipers fixed on the car at my constant nagging. Which was promptly followed by the appointment (yes even though we aren't REALLY in the boonies, we are considered rural, and appts need to be made to go for an inspection) for an inspection sticker.
He goes, and the car fails. So I need to ask him, as he hasn't volunteered this info. He goes "the tire rods are shot. 450.00 to fix it. What do you think?" WHAT DO I THINK? FIX IT, DUMMY. No, I want you to be stopped in 2009 with a 2005 Mass inspection sticker, or worse be killed because you won't at the minimum maintain your car (the car he HAD to have by the way) so it passes inspection.
Oh, Guess what the sale item was for last week. Easter candy.


ZigZagMan said...

See......this is how guys do's perfectly natural and normal. I salute the man willing to brave this....a man who knows struts are for wussies..........

just the other lovely wife drove the jeep and commented...ya know...your brakes are kinda reply..You drove the Jeep???

I for one like my beer cold and my brakes spongy....ummmmn....I digress........:)

winterskibunny said...

Luckily, my husband hasn't figured out the blog thing so much.

Cause, I am never going to tell him someone else thinks it's okay.

And just tell me the truth here, there is something really quite wrong with guys!! Tell me the truth now, isn't there?

ZigZagMan said...

Yes......but admit it....we do have our charm!! :)