Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Have Decided I am A Man Trapped in A Woman's Body

Boys and girls, we have an unwanted visitor at the blog of my-family-sucks. So, until that person goes away, I am going to weave fantastical and very uncomfortable stories in order to drive them away:) ...shortly....until then a little message for my "guest".

Why are they here? Oh gosh, that could be anyone's guess. Perhaps they are regretting that they never thanked my now deceased mother in law for taking me in after their wife physically abused them in their house. Oh, probably not, since it's been about twenty years since that event. (how many friggin parents would neglect to thank the people that took in their discarded children?) Or maybe it's a better apology than the weak and insincere one that came where he "never delibrately meant to hurt me" which is bullshit. Maybe it's to apologize for not being helpful when my dog was dying and my car was dead in the driveway, and conicidentally my husband's car had died on the highway. Where freaking strangers were more willing to help out than dear old dad? Maybe he needs some kind of support from me, and should really know he's barking up the wrong fucking tree!! Oh no, maybe it's to mandate the terms of our relationship to me, when he's been so steadfast and reliable all these years? Maybe it's to read what he already fucking knows?

So asshole, I have site meter, and can see when you visit and what you look at. I will be polite to you if I see you in public, but I don't need to be polite to you anywhere else or the BA monster. Got it. Look elsewhere for whatever you are looking for.

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