Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whooppee Wendnesday!!

One bit of good news, the Department of Unemployment seems to have caught THEIR error, and not only do we not have to pay anything back (which made zero sense by the way) but they forwarded on the balance of Robert's dinero. Gotta love the government. Go get the unemployed guy who is finding a job two weeks after becoming unemployed and put the screws to him. A$$holes.

Next bit of good news, Robert got the job he wanted. Now he's been working at a small firm on commission only basis, decent benefits. However, the company was just bought out (can you spell synergy) they have had a whole bunch of emergency conference calls, and well.....I am sure you get the picture. On all counts, best to deftly jump out of the fire. These days, employees just don't have the luxury, and plus it's plain stupid, to have any trust that their companies will look out for them.

So this job comes with up front money, expense account, PLUS they provide Rob with a computer, blackberry, and shredder for his HOME office. Sweet. Oh, it comes with up front money WITH commissions on top of that (unusual they usually say only if you make commisions over and above your up front money do you make anymore). Decent benefits too.

Few, dog training is good, but it doesn't quite cover OUR mortgage.5122 (Jesse the day training Sheltie puppy just typed that LOL. Am I good or what )

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