Sunday, September 09, 2007

Crazy Family Update

My E donor has not posted to any of her blogs for a couple of months now. Not to the estrangement blog, "the ordinary woman blog" nor her art photography blog. Interesting, as she was so into it before I found her out. I saw that a couple of months ago, she found one of my posts about her poem, and the outclick was my e-mail. Thankfully, she did not e-mail me though.

I am very pleased to announce that the house, in which I grew up for so maaannnyy "happy" years, has not yet been sold by the step monster "real estate agent". Quite a crackerjack, she is. Can you imagine, had she been our real estate agent, we would have paid 24 months of 2000.00 (15 yr mortgage) a month mortgage, real estate taxes, utilities PLUS our current big nut of a mortgage!! So that would be 48000.00 of mortgage payments, 6000.00 of re taxes, and a few thousand for utilities. OR, I guess we could rent out to people that we can't oversee from here, who could further damage our property, all so the Monster could "not be humiliated" as she said. Well, I hope that I have done my best to fullfill her nightmare of humilation.

I hope everyday that she is sad or upset, I come to mind. The house actually disappeared from for a day, but then reappeared today, so the subscription was probably just up. For a moment I thought the beast had sold something in record time. Hahahahahaha.

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