Saturday, September 22, 2007

Poem to S Donor

I know you don't realize it
But I can see
When you come to visit it me

AOL might mask your address it's true
But the page you look into, gives you away, yes it do

Plus you have been to my business site as well
As you know, I would rather you go to hell

A relationship with me is not your right
Your marriage is your current plight

I have given you chances again and again
Only to regret them----yet again

So go your way, and I'll go mine
I guarantee in the end, I'll be just fine!!
If you are waiting for the father of the year
Trophy, you will grow old I fear.
My feelings for you are plain and true
Are you looking for something here, are you?
Just post and let me know
The audience here enjoys it muchly, and it's quite a show
Of how you are and what you think
If it were a court of law, the jury would put you in the brink.
How to end the poem I just don't know,
But again could you just go? (thought the tampon post took care of this)
Really the most important reason, my life is better now. I have gone on. There is nothing positive you bring to the table. I asked you what "good times" we had after the third grade, and even you could not answer what those were LOL. Being the criteria that I had a "good time" as well with you. I do not miss you, nor your negative influence in my life. I am hoping no one else is suffering because I am no longer in contact with you, even the monster, as you may now be deflecting on some other female. Good luck in life.

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winterskiprincess said...

LOL, the searches that bring this up are always "bad family poems". What I want to know is --- is there an award for that LOL?

PS I do think it worked to encourage that special someone to just go away.