Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to You

So my aunt is over at my father's house. It's her birthday weekend, and they have been there all week.

It's sort of hurtful to know that your relatives wouldn't try to get together with you for a lunch or something. It's not like she was just over for a day or an hour.

I know the Step Monster makes it clear that she doesn't want anyone visiting me. And that is fine and all, cause I don't blame her. We are all adults and can make our own decisions.

I have never been that close to this aunt, but she is a part of my past. I have nostalgic memories of her, and I guess that is all I am ever going to know of her. Perhaps I should be thankful. I may remember her in a better light than she actually is.

It makes me feel dirty somehow though, that someone would do that knowing that I have expressed and given an invitation to do lunch sometime. How little someone must think of me!!


Anonymous said...

We, over at the other place, you know...you came to visit once.BUT THOUGHT WE WERE INVITE ONLY.think that

your aunt (who may or may not have all her marbles) is allowing someone else to rule whether or not she can see you.

Your Aunt (who may or may not have a spine) may need to do a little soul searching.

Your Aunt (who may or may not know this) may need to do some sole searching,,, because there may or may not be blood of the people she stepped on,,, on her shoes..

Anyway, Your Aunt,, is at your Father's (your father may or may not be a sniffling pussy whipped piece of crap that needs to grow a spine) and she can't stop over..

Your Aunt, is at your Father's house and won't come see you because the Step Monster (who may or may not be a money hording, needs laid, should stop fucking the pool boy WITH A DILDO) won't let her..

In closing, your aunt, is at your father's and can't come see you because the step monster won't let her?? YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY

You are so much better than that woman... you are not responsible for their actions. THEY ARE IDIOTS ON WHEELS...I'M SURE THEY WALK AROUND WITH A BIG OLD SIGN ON THEM THAT SAYS..



winterskibunny said...

Iewwwww, don't make me think of the monster and the S donor having SEX!!!

LOL. I truly don't think they do, actually, nor that they need it.

What they need is a personality transplant.

I don't know how I came from this family?