Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fishing but Not on a Friday

Okay, it's not Friday, but I found a gem on a blog that I recently frequent, regarding what you do with time spent with your kids. I thought it was excellent, though I am not religious so the church thing would be out for me.

So maybe this will just be about blogs that I like for some reason that I just can't put my finger on. Like this lady's blog. She lives in the country, has a dog, a husband, a mortorcycle, and some kids. There is something so peaceful and joyful about her blog:)

Here is a creative guy that lives near me. He reminds me of my days in music college, oh so long ago. In fact, here is a picture that an old college friend sent me last year (and I need to send him his). I miss being as creative and artistic as I FELT, yet never was LOL, back then.

The ONLY reason that I would be doing dishes there, is a just lost a bet to Keith and Chris, and they documented not only this chore, but me vaccuming as well. I didn't even know these pictures were out there. Look at those skinny little arms, I was like 100-110 pounds maybe with clothes on!!! Oh, those were the days. Course I payed the student loans off for years. Wow, I would love to get my FACE back to that state, instead of these chubby cheeks and chin!!! Course, now there would be wrinkles and age spots. Damn it!!!
And this blog shares my particular bipolar woes. She just found out not too long ago!! I have been lucky in knowing some sort of chemical imbalance would happen eventually. It is nice to be prepared, even though it hasn't been easy.
There is a whole group that I call the dorkbloggers, but this guy cracks me up the most.
The dorkblogger site hasn't been all that active, but you can find more of these like minded people on the side bar there.


Donna said...

Well dang, I think you and I could be friends.

winterskibunny said...

I do so love your blog!!! I almost wish I was in the country like that, but I still need a bit of a town or city around me LOL. I am a reformed city girl.