Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

This date should be a memorial day, don't you think? People say "holiday", but that's a celebration. This day is why I decided that I had to be self employed someday. To realize that you could go to your mundane job one day, and that would be the end. Wouldn't it be better if your life ended doing something that you enjoyed? At the least?

It's also probably a day that foretold what my relationship or lack there of would end up being with my father. Life is too short. Usually people who say that to me are thinking "and so that's why you should reconcile with your father." While I am thinking, that's exactly why I won't reconcile with my father. Life is too short for someone, who doesn't even know or care about you, to be sucking away the drops of joy in your life. Or contributing to sorrow, pain, and stress only. There is no room in my life for that person(s).

I think that day, and other days affected most people in some way. What ways did it affect you?
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gretty said...

9/11 was what finally spurred me to jump whole-heartedly into animal rescue. I can't stop a disaster, but I want to try to alleviate a little of the pain after.