Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh The Temptation, Can You Imagine?

My step monster's business site domain name has been up for grabs for some time. Can you imagine that I am just barely holding myself back. She let it laspe, and recently renewed one, but it ends in .net instead of .com.

If I were her, I would grab the .com one, in case the spirit of "bad me" takes hold. It's the 18 years that I was nice, did favors for her, and gave her the benefit of the doubt....only to be told that my very existence has destroyed her and my father's marriage that makes me so bitter and vengeful. It's like, you think me being nice to you made your life miserable? You thought I would just roll over and cry? This is what me being vengeful and ruining your life looks like, Bitch!!

I always had the capacity, I just never used it. I mean, when I think of all those times that I bit my tongue around her. How much more fun would it have been for me to just call her out right there? With just enough subtelty for the rest of the relatives not to catch onto the exchange? Really, bitch, that would have been more fun for me rather than cow towing to your demented ass.
What was her/your problem anyway? Did you think my E donor was going to come flying back? Was it that you were afraid that the S donor might grow to (heaven forbid) love his own daughter? How can someone be so shallow, self centered, and purposely hurtful to someone who never did anything other than be born into (clearly) the wrong family?
Ugh, the things I wish upon you. I am not proud, but I do hope you get your just deserts. I really really really do.


iZING said...
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winterskibunny said...

I should not that the deleted comment was spam. You know, someone wanting to attach a business site to this blog.

About the only comments that I will not allow are spam. I hate when people do this.