Saturday, September 08, 2007

News Story Disagreement

Is this action punishable as a crime? Or was this an accident, albeit a tragic and terrible accident?

I am not a mother. I have dogs. I have not made this mistake with my dogs, but I can't honestly say that I couldn't picture circumstances that might cause this to happen. I say this is a horrible accident. My short term memory sometimes goes, and I can't remember what I was just watching. There was no intent to leave the child in the car. The intent was to bring the child to the babysitters after the change in routine. Unfortunately, the child was quiet and sleeping when mom went back to her routine.

It's horrible. It's horrible what happened to the child and the mother. My husband says it was a crime. I say it is an accident. It's not like the guy that went hunting, and intentionally left his kid in the car (who woke up, and in the dead of winter went looking for daddy). I think people forget how hectic and pressure filled parents have it, especially working parents. What do others say? Crime or accident? Unforgivable negligence?

On the other hand, with the tempature approaching the levels it is reported to, one would be thinking you would be repeating something over and over in your head, so as not to forget. If this was a non professional woman at Walmart, let's say would I or you feel the same?

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