Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things I Looooovveee About Fall

Okay, it's not fall yet, not even here in Maine. However, the leaves are starting to turn, the weather is changing, and I know one of my favorite seasons is coming. Here are the things that I love about fall:

  1. Halloween. Favorite holiday bar none.

  2. Leaves when they change.

  3. Crisp fall air.

  4. Tourists have at least become less around here.

  5. Soup for dinner.

  6. Thanksgiving.

  7. No need for air condition or heat (saving some money).

  8. Putting on the fall clothes (favorite sweaters and turtlenecks). Also good camouflage for things.

  9. Apple picking.

  10. The season for candied applies, dumplings and apple pie.

  11. Pumpkin pie or soup.

  12. New tv programming seasons start (I think)

  13. Driving in the car, and looking at the scenery. Or hiking and looking at the scenery


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I love fall...all except for the halloween part :(

Great TT!

gretty said...

Soup for dinner is the best!