Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Childhood House for Sale

We had an event recently near my home town about an hour and a half away from our house. We road through Worcester MA, tallying up the changes (or non changes) since we have gone. Like that 290 still has heavy construction going on (oh, how I hated that while commuting out of Worcester way back when). The "park" that ended up being a business park (ie a huge business building went in there). What businesses weren't there, who was. Riding by George's bakery, and realizing "shit, we gotta get those meat pies, spinach pies, and syrian bread".

We managed to visit our friend at his house. Another friend was walking his dog, and so we missed seeing him due to the schedule. Spent some time at my husband's dad's house to help him sort through his deceased wife's(my beloved mother in law/husband's beloved mother) pictures and stuff. Tough, as it's still not been two years, and my dad-in-law is still very much grieving and missing his partner. He has met someone long distance, and hopefully that turns into some companionship for him.

During some downtime, my husband pointed the car towards my childhood home. The for sale sign is so huge, that you can probably see it in the next town (nice to use one's real estate connections). And it was interesting to note, that the monster couldn't help herself but put her name on the sign, even though she is not supposed to be the listing RE agent. I'm not sure she realizes, the bigger sign won't sell the house...... Perhaps the talents of an actual real estate agent would though LOL.

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