Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holiday Dysfunctional Games to Consider

Dysfunctional Bingo for Holiday Gatherings

Frig, I can't find anymore. I did find one on a blog the year before last year with a list and everything. I tried to find it, but haven't yet. I will endevour to later.

So now I guess I am going to have to be creative:

  1. Betting on how many times (Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Father, Mother, Sister, In Law.... et) a relative does a "well known" dysfunction act. For instance some things in my family that I could include 1) A will question about "what family members do for a living" x number of times or to x number of people at gathering, 2) B wil have this many glasses of wine, 3) C will mention her daughter or sons weight x number of times, 3) D will complain x number of times that relatives don't visit or call often enough, 4) E will offer food to those that are done and insisit well after it's become annoying x number of times 5) will make the stretchy annoyed face, while pretending to not be annoyed x number of times. I haven't thought this out all the way, but the person with the most number of items closest to the answer (without going over) wins. There needs to be a mediator to keep score independently and the players report back. Betting could be for treats or money. Illiciting those responses is allowed (in fact encouraged).
  2. Alternate to the above, drinking every time one of these events occurs. It is absolutely crucial to be in a buzzed or inebriated state during dysfunctional family gatherings (unless of course this is a problem for the family member. Then a sugar or caffeine high will do.)
  3. Another alternative, a task is assigned to each for each occurance that someone has picked out of a hat. Should be mildly embarrassing and very funny.
  4. Have a hat of dysfunctional things that others do, to be picked by participants. Each player will need to do that to the family member that naturally does it, in a format where the other players can see. Penalty for not performing the task is leading family in the singing of Christmas caroles or a solo performance.

Shoot, that's all I got off my cuff. Any comments for additional dysfunctional family fun?

Course I no longer celebrate with the dysfunctional family, as my S Donor and Monster have the holidays at their place. They also actively seek out to try to influence my relatives from not visiting. Not that this works will all or that I am terribly concerned with the ones it does work with .

However, were I going to a gathering, I would definately want something "fun" to do these days that is somewhat creative. Please share any stories.

****Note found my blogging buddy's post on this from last year.

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