Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Ten In Memory of My Grampa

Probably 10 years or so ago, my grandfather died on this day. He meant a lot to me, and here are ten things that I remember about him:

                                1. He loved national geographic, and we used to watch it together.

                                2. He kept Captain Crunch cereal under the sink for me as a special treat, and if in season, it came with big fat blueberries on the bottom as a surprise,

                                3. He used to have to read with a magnifying glass (by the way, I thinkI am headed in that direction).

                                4. We also watched Lawrence Welk together.

                                5. In the evenings, we enjoyed a bowl of jello made with canned fruit in it, and cool whip on the top (of course).

                                6. LOL, he had a CB attena that got higher all the time, and he "created" it himself.

                                7. He also "created" the clothes drying rack in the backyard for my grandmother out of our old swingset.

                                8. I spent too many weekends to count with them as a child. They looked forward to those.

                                9. He used to take out his teeth to horrify us as children. (us=me and my cousins).

                                10. He used to take me shopping with him at Spags.


                                gretty said...

                                I miss my grandad too. That was beautiful.

                                winterskibunny said...

                                I have been lucky that my grandmother loved me as well, and my husband's inlaws also love me.

                                We do all belong to a group, though I don't know how little it is. I am surprised to find more and more people with stories untold.

                                I would hope that there are MORE families that are loving, and try their best to be there for their children.