Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Top 13 Places I Never Want to Visit

Here are thirteen places that I will likely never go (and taking out the info that I hate flying):

  1. Mexico

  2. Any country in South America

  3. Any country in the "Middle East"

  4. Isreal is included in the above, but should be mentioned again (luckily my husband went in a safer time, and was able to enjoy the beauty there)

  5. Egypt (also pretty much included in number 3, but I would kill to see the places (pyramids, the history et), but another country that is too dangerous.

  6. Jamaica, been and the resorts are nice, but I wouldn't bother to go to the country again.

  7. The eastern coast of Virginia ----- Yikes. Again, sometime I will have to find my post on the RV trip from hell.

  8. Texas

  9. Wisconsin

  10. New Jersey (drove thru it once from NY city)

  11. India

  12. France

  13. Sweden or Finland (the other side of my family that doesn't interest me too much, unlike Italy)

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