Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Holiday Memories of The Past

Here are thirteen memories of family get togethers, when we were getting together:

  1. The Irving (on the lip) kisses and my husband trying to avoid them (man, woman or child, you were not safe, especially from uncle D)

  2. The monster's friend, Amy's, husband getting trashed and puking in the front yard. I believe they were divorced shortly after.

  3. My husband and Kaya discovering a shared interest:)

  4. The year that I actually cooked (baked really), and it came out well. I made a date and goat cheese appetizer, and a ginger roll with lemon curd filling.

  5. The step snickering at my grandmother when she dropped a crumb on the floor.

  6. Finding out that my step nephew, who was coming to dinner, had recently held a knife up to his mother's throat.

  7. This same nephew demanding a beer (in earnest) when he was still less than fifteen right in the middle of a family gathering.

  8. Excellent sale at the Black Lion, where I got my S Donor a bunch of the glass ornaments that he likes for next to nothing (I do wish I had kept them for myself). On the other hand, much like the color white, me and glass do not mix.

  9. During college, a 3 am shopping trip for Christmas Gifts (LOL) at an Ames or something horrible like that.

  10. Last year, when my husband put up the Christmas tree and lights for me, because I wasn't quite in the mood.

  11. This year, our tenants made our yard a lighted winter wonderland:)

  12. The Christmas tree that Grampa kept draped in the basement, and then just "uncovered" (er, I mean decorated) each year. Ingenious really.

  13. Playing Uno with my parents during Christmas morning.

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