Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's All I Can Do to Not Post "Cause No One Likes You"

Why are there no comments on this blog? Not mine, but where the link goes to....big surprise!!

Ah the narcissist. Posts on the "serious blogs" just because there are no comments on her blog. The motivation, not to participate in others blogs, but to have others participate in hers as she "gets defensive about the no comments".

Yes Beyatch, it's because you suck and so does your blog.

She doesn't visit here anymore, so I don't have to worry about actually hurting her feelings with this information, and can just fantasize about sending it.


gretty said...

Remind me never to piss you off!

winterskibunny said...

You know last time someone said that to me, The Butcher company had announced their merger (finally) which they had denied for months. It was a meeting about what would happen, and me (having secured my serverance already) had several pointed questions for the VP!!

It was a lot of fun. I absolutely scared some of my co-workers to death that didn't realize I already had a signed document that secured my severance pay, and a stay on bonus LOL.