Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Noises That Are Annoying to Me

Here are thirteen noises that annoy me:

  1. A constant drip drip of anything will eventually wake me up, I will have to seek it out, and shut it off.
  2. The blaring of a television at a very loud volume (am convinced hubby needs an earpiece sometimes).
  3. The whining of dogs, though I love the dogs themselves, that high pitched whining (which I am paid to make stop LOL) is something else.
  4. Loud snoring that comes from my husband's room (hubby claims equally loud snoring comes from my room).
  5. Lawn trimming equipment, especially early on a Sunday morning.
  6. The sound of a rifle (not this year, but last year there were hunters in the area).
  7. Obnoxious kid noises----screaming, shrieking that is non stop, not just the occaisional " fun having" noises.
  8. Yelling of other couples or families having loud arguments that you shouldn't be able to hear.
  9. The loud sound your computer makes coming on, after you forgot you were tuning out one day to tunes, but now it's the loud canned "microsoft" noise of your computer coming on.
  10. (having dogs this is important) the sound of doorbells on &%$# sitcoms. Frasier, one of my favorites, has at least five doorbell incidents in each episode.
  11. The sound of sirens in rock music that you listen to in your Mother Fing car. How many times has that gotten you?
  12. The sound of glass breaking downstairs, and especially if you have a cleaning person that does not say anything (the days of the cleaning people are over for us by the way LOL---for now). However, there are lots of glass items inherited from my grandmother or my mother in law that I like not being damaged.
  13. Children running through my house (which would explain why I never wanted to have any children).

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