Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Continued

We saw the Poop yesterday. Mass produced holiday food, not so good. I know shocking. We did exclaim at how good it was, so Poop would feel good about it. He seemed to enjoy it until the desert, which was the worst part of the meal. I mean, I think the pies were from table talk company.....

However, it was wonderful to see the Poop, and know that he enjoyed a part of his Thanksgiving day with someone. My brother and sister in laws had dropped by with their kids as well. It turns out this isn't the first Thanksgiving the poop had nowhere planned to go with family. So next year, we will have to plan to do something about that.

I always feel so awkard trying to strike up conversation, and the Poop is not that hard to talk to. I am a social misfit most times, and so is the Poop.

Today is our Maine Thanksgiving!!!

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