Wednesday, November 14, 2007

S Donor List of What I Can Forgive/What I Can't Forgive

Well here it goes for the S Donor. There were very very few times in my life that I got along with this man. I would say in order of getting along with it was the E Donor, the S Donor, and then the Monster.

Things I can Forgive or Are Not An Issue/What I can't forgive:

  1. Getting Divorced/Not Realizing or Caring that Actions during the Marriage were Damaging Me

  2. Making the Mistake in Marrying/Not Being There for Me in Formative Years Because Of The Constant Fighting and Conflict NOR ever acknowledging that

  3. Marriage Number 2/Allowing the Monster to Be Verbally and Physically Abusive Towards Me (Probably Because You Wanted to Act Out in The Same Way Towards Me, As You Had in The Past, Now You Just Had An Agent)

  4. The Monster's Actions After I Moved Out/Condoning, making excuses for, the Monster's actions instead of remaining neutral

  5. Disagreeing with Me/Not Allowing Me to Have My Own Opinions or Views (or making it miserable for me when I had them)

  6. Asking for Help/Expecting Help as Payment for Having me and Not Taking No as an answer on the few times it was given.
  7. Managing your money/Treating Me Like A Line Item in Your Divorce Contract

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