Friday, April 17, 2009


Step one: left every one of the sites for family estrangement, controlling parents, and narcistic parents.

I really like healingfromfamilyrifts Yahoo group, but I think it's time to move on. I didn't say goodbye, because I think it's cheesey and who knows I might be back:) I think I can handle these situations on my own now, and make plans to avoid them (her) in the future.

Okay all Imaginny's "friends" reading, now go run to her like good little gremlins LOL. Oops, I see you.

TIP TO THE ESTRANGED SON/DAUGHTER OR SON DAUGHTER WHO REALLY SHOULD BE ESTRANGED: This is what sends people like this (controlling) over the edge. The lack of control over you, and the complete lack of care by you of what they think about you. The fact that you can and will speak up for yourself will drive irrational people insane, sadly. However, that's neither your fault or your problem.

It takes several years of mistreatment to this to occur for you, but you can hope and pray that someday you just don't care anymore.

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