Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do I Really Look Like The Type To Be Intimidated?

Now folks, I realize there are a lot of wife beating creeps out there. They are unfortunately allowed out of their domestic abodes, and out into my world in public with me. There seems to be an awful lot of them where I live, and I tend to come across them on my beach walks. I am not usually the snotty nor snobby sort that talks about white trash or men that appear to live in the hills with no social contact whatsoever.

Being a former Junior High School student who was picked on by bullies, I am pretty savvy at the outright bully management system. The trick is to be able to tell the bully who will easily piss in his/her pants when confronted from the psychotic deranged jerk that will come to your home and kill you in the middle of the night. What I learned in High School, is the bullies stay away from you when the light weight victim of their meanderings instead waits for her moment to punch them in the face without provocation. Yeah, they didn't tend to come seek me out anymore from Junior High to the time that I graduated from High School.

One of the Junior High bullies was not caught in Junior High. My very first day of High School found the music teacher pulling me off of her as I zeroed in on her. No more problemos after that. Go figure.

In my adult life, I found myself working with cheap labor in the form of ex-jail convicts. I was the controller of a high tech corporation, and I suspect that their CEO had a particular reason besides cheap labor for his sympathies going to ex convicts. Not to mention that the VP did some time in CA for biting his wife!! I didn't realize this when I took the job, of course. The first time I realized this was when the chickenshit CEO had me also take on the Human Resources job to talk to Eddy about a problem. Eddy, as I was later told by a female co-worker, was recently released from jail for duck taping his wife to a chair and beating her. It was at this time that I started to see the downfalls of working for someone else to say the least.

Also, until I found my next job, I realized that I needed to be someone that looked like she would put up quite a good fight in the event of attempted homicide or raping (or both). This is where I learned to get right into the face of someone trying to intimidate me and swear/yell loudly back. As a woman, you will not last long in this kind of environment (not that you will particularly want to either) unless you can hold your own. I got to do the layoffs as well.

I left there as quickly as possible for other jobs that didn't particularly pick from the ex-convict population for their work force:) Still, I found supervisors that tried to intimidate my staff to let an undocumented expense go or embezzlement go. They soon found themselves on the business end of me, and forbidden to speak to my staff ever. At a time where the US workers were being laid off while being forced to train foreign counter parts, it became a very potentially dangerous place to work. I made sure that I always looked like someone not to be messed with, as I also scoped out exits of escape in the large manufacturing building.

So one would think that my idyllic career change would keep out the nasty people. Not always so, because they are allowed out on occasion to our beaches and such. Yesterday's altercation in asking someone to pick up their trash, ended up in threats to me that I better "watch out". His little girl was with him for the love of God. So I said "was that a threat? Do you intend to physically assault me in front of your little girl?" I would have said something more, but I actually did not want to upset the little girl just because her dad is a neanderthal let loose on the unsuspecting public.

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