Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love in It's Widely Recognized form

It's been 18 years since our marriage vows (this year) and 23 years together in total. Blowing away my parents first try of 18 years of wedded hell (19 years or so of being together in total to account for my nine month incubation period). What is freakin hilarious, is both of my "loving" piece of shit parents have always downgraded MY marriage. MY "I didn't need to get married because some sperm landed on my leg and one lodged inside" marriage. Or my "found the first person who could fucking stand me marriage" (though I admit to that being quite a feat for that donor). Or my "second person I ever fucked while married marriage".

MY marriage which has included zero cheating on either's part, is not because we are afraid to die alone. No DUMB ASSES,
****Note inserted here, we would have had children to live in servitude to us. Yes you read that right chilDREN, because you need to account for possible death, the fact that they may hate you for good reason later on--due to the expected servitude---, moving away from you, and they may marry someone you don't like, so one couldn't possibly keep their fucking mouths shut for the one or two days out of the year that time is spent with the grown up egg/sperm combo. The big mistake my donors made was not making a few models to ensure that one would end up a whining, sniveling, back boneless creature. Instead, lucky them, they got me with a working brain and ingrained self esteem.
and the owners of the sperm and egg that spawned me have ever felt the feeling in it's true and widely recognized form, it's actually because we love each other...and not for one moment faltered. I realize this jealousy stems from not being able to duplicate this, and living in your own personal hell and all (karma really sucks doesn't it?). It's certainly not my fault however, I arranged neither marriages or the sad tragic little lives that live within them. Nor any health problems that anyone may have developed, though their postings try to blame me for it (since the suicide note didn't work). If I had powers that worked like that, I would strike one mute and fingerless (and toe less in case they had the fortitude to come back from that, which is extremely doubtful as exercise is a four letter word to, well, either one of them)

Neither of your mates (currently) are who I would have picked either. See you stupid pieces of narcissistic shit, this is called an individual making their well defined choice. Blame whoever you want for your miserable meaningless lives, we've just come back from the beach in our miserable lives LOLOL. I've gone jogging, he's watched a little Red Sox, and the earth hasn't collapsed in on us as it would for either of my donors. Imagine the ruckus that would ensue by a spouse making the smallest "mistake" in their houses!! In one a glass being broken or spilled milk, would be cause for much drama. In another, imagine that a sporting event would want to be watched in that very house LOLOLOL. It would be too much. The sonic boom would be heard around the world, cause it's not what they likely.

What is really sick on my egg donor's part is the criticism of my marriage because I have been married so long. Like until death or something, no shit that vow meant something. And not because I said a vow, but because I actually carefully considered who my partner would be. It wasn't just someone who leaked on my leg one night while I was in a drunken stupor. Imagine how a little bit of contemplation might make a marriage that will work, if you will. Now imagine what Ms Egg Donor might say if I wasn't married at all LOLOL. For Christ sake, would she fucking shut up already with her assumptions and negative criticisms and God awful whining. The she says "she never sees the good in what I say." Lady I don't need you to see what little good you have said about me, which is like 1% of your totally out there rantings to an audience that is too stoopid to see you for what you are. They are picked well, props to that.

Other people see me and know me. I don't need to put up with negative BS from either of , saying that my unhappy childhood is BS. Oh I guess that's why I didn't get out of bed even to shower for three years, that was my happiness at my childhood peeking through. Or how I started having dinner in my room only to keep out of your mother fucking fights that were the norm at dinner. Yeah, great childhood. Or finding one donor at home talking to men about how they were fucking person Y, that was great as well. Sometimes children tell their parents that they were good parents out of a sense of politeness, as the alternate version that one was a rotten egg sucking parent from hell that one would never wish on another human being, doesn't go over so well on those holiday occasions.

Though when gram told Ms Egg Donor that only whores wore red nail polish (which I agree is wrong, but it was Gram so it was freakin hilarious), and Ms Egg Donor went ballistic, I totally missed the joke, as I didn't know that Ms Donor was personally collecting other donor sperm. The thing is E donor convinced me everything she was doing was cool because S Donor was such an ass, but then later it occurred to me that things could have been handled just so much better and ethically. But narcissistic sociopath;s don't care as long as it fits in with their happiness. Hey let someone else tell me what was going on, and also notify me on the next marriage.

Ah yes, the proof is that Ms E Donor went to therapy and so she could not be a narcissistic sociopath. Um, I can't think of anything that would make Ms E Donor quite as excited as talking to someone about herself for hours and hours. Course Ms E Donor would have to pay someone eventually, because who the fuck can take that. Who cares? They both totally chose your estrangement. They both totally could not make a compromise of any sort, and broke whatever promises you made. A least one is a sick pathological liar, who deserves everything that is coming and more.
Heaven forbid one would express anger to either of my chickenshit parents, by the way. Certainly in person, it can't be taken after doing and saying inappropriate things in public or private. One is supposed to say "thank you, can I have another?" However, I am not being hazed in a friggin sorority here or in any club that would have the those two for members.
This has been a message from your sponsor: JUST SAY NO TO DUMB ASSED PIECES OF SHIT.
And if you are trying to mend an estrangement, this would be a really bad way to do it . However, if you are welding the little fucker shut, it is an absolutely inspired way of doing it.


Anonymous said...

Lady I don't need you to see what little good you have said about me, which is like 1% of your totally out there rantings to an audience that is too stoopid to see you for what you are.

I've read your egg donors ramblings, and I've read some of the comments that people have made. SEVERAL people have been able to tell that she's a narcissist and that she's treated you horribly, by her own writings ALONE.

I hope one or both of them read this posting, because I think it is excellent, but you and I both know that they will not let ANY of it actually touch them in any way -- they will convince themselves that you are crazy and making stuff up.

I am SO glad that there are people like you who manage to escape the brainwashing of lunatic parents. There are so many of them out there, and they really have no friends or anybody who likes and respect them -- so they breed, in hopes that they will always have a captive audience.

I'm glad you broke away from your captivity, and I'm happy that you, after writing this, have decided to move on in your life, and give them less space in your brain.

Good Luck!

A Reader

Winterskiprincess said...

Thank you, it's been a rough journey. More so because it's so hard to believe there are such unfeeling people out there, nevermind that they are your parents LOL.