Friday, April 17, 2009

Question to My Mother

I would really love an answer to this. What is it that you get still spreading lies about me over the internet?

You later say that you don't want to post anymore because you are so inhibited by my "mental illness", and send me into a mania, yet you still post under essentially the same name?

And I seem to function quite fine, thanks. I have never been hospitalized or, er, suicidal and needed to use that to manipulate others. In fact, I don't need to try to manipulate friends, strangers, or family members at all. Sadly, it's all out there for people to see. I think you can sink a bit lower though, if you really tried.

Here let me make your day, so you can dance with glee again. These things may or may not be true, but should make you shudder with happiness to just think of the possibilities and perhaps spread them on your super secret forums:
1) We now live in a tent, as my husbands continued unemployment forced us into bankruptcy.
2) I am beaten by my husband and tied down in the basement. I only snuck up to access this computer and ask for help.
3) Not only am I estranged from my father, but I legally divorced him.
4) I was totally unsucessful owning and operating my own business.
5) In fact, I have NO friends. That's why I gotta stay with my husband.
6) I am a sad lonely woman who is now physically disabled.
7) I have not found the success of peace that I wanted in life.
8) Oh to my mother's audience, she is totally right. One day I just woke up and did not want a mother anymore. Wonder why that didn't happen with like a mother-in-law instead who wanted me to convert to judiasm, but when I said no, she gasp, said okay I understand. She did not make abusive e-mails, calls, or try to manipulate me.

That should do you for awhile. Now go......

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