Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just One More Stab In The Back

Imaginny is at it again. She is no longer brave enough to post her lies and half truths on her blog, she has infected other forums instead where she thinks she is not seen, but she is.

I now had both my parents pay for my college!!! Hahahahahaha. First of all, my mother made it pretty clear that she felt it was my dad's domain. Second of all, he handled it by having me take out student loans. And third of all, I admitted my failings in college long ago, what possible reason could she have to bring it up...

Oh yes, now there is my mental illness combined with drinking. I have a lower form of bipolar disorder that I takes meds for it's simply depression for the love of God, but now it affects my relationships. I guess like my first and only marriage that has been happy and going on for 18 years now. It must also affect my ability to have a happy life to, as I do. I seem to also have a drinking problem according to her words. Let's think, why would someone be posting this about the daughter they "loved". Could it be to build themselves up?

Hmmmm. Not too transparent.

Oh, but we aren't over. She implies that a woman that she did not want to meet, by her own admission, influenced my estrangement with her.

Oh, but we aren't done. Then there was my unemployed husband, of 18 years now, who concerned her. Oh my husband who also lacked in self esteem, apparantly.

This is what she talks about 14 years later, about the daughter she was desperate to end her estrangement with, and she didn't know why we were estranged. I guess she answered her own question.

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