Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Almost as Dumb as I Posting Under My Orginal Name at First...

You BITCH!!! Yeah that's right, I will allow you this one time to scream it out, and scream it loud and proud!

Gale of "God Bless" Gale and motherlode. Looking and talking about her son and daughter in law on estrangements ning site. Likes the bible and is very fond of calling the pot black, as a former kettle herself. (Son and daughter in law, run and run fast and far). Oh she shares her looney bin experience for those of us truly disturbed and needed psychiatric help. Cause there's nothing wrong with her. Bless her little soul. She is just an innocent little bible thumping peach. (seriously daughter in law, stop e-mailing her with anything)

Cheli, who likes to bitch about her daughters pregnancy online to strangers, and the particular details of her daughters life. No unflattering detail left out, and you wonder if this mother even likes her daughter. Her blog entry Fanfreakintastic is a delight, and should scare her daughter straight one way or another. I would personally run from this delightful character, who whines and isn't even estranged.

And then there is Leann whose DAUGHTER apparently has no boundaries LOLOL. Leann who would like other people's daughter in laws to be bitch slapped for supporting their husband in a troubled time.

These mothers on this forum are truly frightening, and think they live in their cocooned private place. Meanwhile, they are quick to either criticize someone for being up front with their story and name initially, and use it as an excuse to hunt them down and "research" them. Can I tell you how truly frightening to have my name posted on the Garden by these freaks.

I like the mother who just wishes that her daughter can not have the children she longs for, so she will see how her mother feels. Charming. Loving. So nice to be supported for such wonderful thoughts at Not at all a narcistic sociopathic audience.
As a narcistic sociopath, I should know. I should also know it's not to bright to broadcast this BITCH'S NAME ALL OVER THE INTERNET. If it weren't for you kids fleeing your homes as if rabid wolverines infested the place, I would say it may be the worst mistake you ever made.

Well, I got your pictures freaks, your story, and who knows perhaps someday your kids phone number and address to point them in the right direction. Then they will look like this:

I really think that when adult estranged children's parents are posting on public forums, (NO I REALLY REALLY HOPE) that their kids find them, and see a bit behind the curtain. It changed my whole outlook on my mother when I saw into hers and Her more sane and awfully boring ramblings can be found at I am sure that she will be happy when I share that her husband's name is Jim Maxwell, and I am pretty certain he was neutered quite some time ago.

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