Thursday, January 11, 2007

13 Things I Love About Mornings

  1. Watching the today show

  2. The first cups of coffee in the morning

  3. My sleepy dogs cuddling up next to me, especially after they have been fed, pooped, and peed (favorite part of the day LOL)

  4. Spending some quiet time with the husband, who is working his butt off in his new job (and it's a cute butt too)

  5. The boys (dogs again) playing and seeking each other out for love and play in the morning

  6. A bonus day with my 14 year old girl Jazz. I enjoy each day with her. Course just cause the other two are young is no guarantee of anything either.

  7. My Duran Duran CD, Capitol, that wakes me up every morning, and I never seem to get tired of. (although I do shut it off most times to sleep longer)

  8. The light through the pine trees from my bedroom window. I was making images in them, like one does with clouds, this morning.

  9. The heat timer that comes on at 6 am each morning, so that I can possibly emerge from bed instead of snuggling deeper like a hibernating bear!!

  10. Being up earlier so there is the potential to get more done during the day.

  11. Blogging as the first activity.

  12. Thinking for a moment that I am going to get everything done today.

  13. Hot morning shower with new soap that hubby ordered for me. I am a huge soap snob.

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