Sunday, January 14, 2007

Typepad is Messing With Me Today

So here I am all chipper and early in the morning. Actually pulled myself away from my cuddly puppies. Groggily wondered who that fourth creature was, until I remembered I am boarding Pearly. Pearly gets to sleep in the bed, which is a service not offered all clients .

Go to typepad to dutifully get my business blog and middle aged princess blog done. Picked today, of course, to try Youtube video on my blog that I pay for. Interestingly enough although you get scads of room on typepad, good luck using it. Video does not upload to their site!!! You have to go through a service like Youtube which allows only 100MBs of video. Pictures and text just don't make a dent in my typepad service, even though I have like 15 blogs for all my clients and my personal ones.

Any way, I think the video I am practicing linking to my blog is making my blog out of wack. Takes me awhile to realize, no it's Typepad messing with the template designs!! Or perhaps they are off for the day, and something is corrupting the files. Geez Louise!! Why must this happen everytime I try something new or am feeling particularly energized. Ugh.

Have lots of interesting videos and pictures on these blogs today (should they correct the templates any time soon). Jackie, our young Doberman, brought us a bit of a present yesterday. Proudly prancing from the woods, he delivered a deer leg.
Yup, that's what is displayed in the tree. Too cold to dig it a proper grave yesterday, and so we are waiting for garbage day to dispose of poor Bambi's leg.
Disgusting pictures of deer remains at this blog. This blog and possibly the other blog might not look right as Typepad staff is busy messing with templates, UGH. But if you scroll down, you will see them.

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