Monday, January 22, 2007

Not Doing Too Badly on New Years Resolutions

I've gotten some business stuff out of the way, and my updates to my web have already started to pay off, literally. Plus it cost nothing but my time. Haven't finished the contracts yet, but they are significantly done.

So today, two things that I am going to try and add to my "schedule" 1) exercise and 2) training Jackster. I have another client dog to train today as well. Yesterday was another Jack, puppy lab, that came over for training. It was his one year birthday, and he was doing so well. He is such a sweety pie.

No real bad news to report today. I have had some dreams but none estrangement related, and unfortunately death related (of my pets that is). No mystery to that with 3 pet deaths in the last three years (due to old age) and one geriatric girl doggie, Jazzabelle. She is my best buddy in the world. Leon's my baby boy, but Jazz has been with us 11 years now, and keeps the obnoxious boys in line. She has been a real help in so many ways. I dread the day where she is not here anymore, as one always does.

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