Saturday, January 06, 2007


Do you know that friction plus panty elastic can create quite a painful welt in your butt? I have been enjoying working out on my cardioglide, but my error in not having an ass that has been broken in by such frequent workouts.

So first week doing so so. Workouts, missed two days, but can make those up. Eating more healthy, calorie wise not so good, but logging and keeping track of what I am eating doing very well on. Plus, still loosing weight so my body is adjusting any way, still.

I have missed a couple days on a couple of my blogs, but am meeting my goals on those better.

Did check out my Ms blog yesterday after being so good all week long. Nothing new to report any way, so a spanking to myself.

I have completely failed on keeping a schedule that I make myself everyday, and have not come up to speed on training Jackie, which is hugely important. Also have not gotten much done on my to do list or business goals.

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