Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Good Memories

  1. Walking the snowy trails in Stowe VT with Neptune and Jazzabelle.

  2. My husband planned all of our wedding day except my gown and hair!! It was great. We had mostly our friends there, and close relatives. We did it buffet style in a country club house room. Mostly we had amazing appetizers and plenty of them. After the ceremony and reception, our guests and ourselves got into bathing suits (late night) and played pool games.

  3. Picking up our new puppy, Leon, at the airport!! He was so cute and shy in his crate. On the way home, my husband was stopped for speeding, the cop took one look at the puppy staring back at him, and just gave us a warning (and this would be a Boston or State cop---unheard of!!)

  4. Going to Disney World with my grandparents when I was 9. My uncle and aunt (Ralph & Priscilla) also came along with my cousins Kaya, Chris, and Shauna. We got grampa sick on the teacups, and he was egging us on!! I also rode with my grandpa on the new Space Mountain ride!!

  5. Picking Clyde up at the pet store, while walking home with groceries. He came home on the top of a grocery bag (couldn't drive, not much money). He was the only orange kitten in a cage filled with black kittens. He was feisty too!! He wailed the whole time they clipped his nails before he came home. When we got home, he was shy at first. I went to work, when I came back he hesitated for just a moment then ran right up to my face (I was crouched on the floor so I wouldn't look too big).

  6. First dog that I volunteered to handle and socialize at the shelter. Solomon was a yellow lab. Very hyper, but also very loving. When he jumped up toward my face the first day, I was thinking "I hope this is a friendly dog". Then after walking him, I was drenched with sweat through my winter coat from all the pulling. He was adorable, and he had epilepsy. I would spend time in his kennel afterward just petting and talking to him. I did learn to take him out last if I wanted any energy for the next dog .

  7. A pink valentines cake my mother made for me when I was 7 or 8. It had little candy hearts on the rim and all around the cake.

  8. Last night of the RV trip from hell. My husband and I were miserable, but laughing hard at the predicament we had gotten ourselves in. We had tears streaming from our face. (Note: Don't rent Rvs, first of all, and also really make sure you like the destination you are going to. Finally, these are like big buses, you can't just park anywhere you want or do a U turn on the fly.)

  9. My friend Patty farting over the intercom at work. Or belching.

  10. A Christmas Catcus that was presented to me at Paul Revere for being a good team leader. That was a nice day, and completely unexpected!!

  11. Eating at Bintlifts here in Maine for the first time for supper, and then for brunch. So great to find "the restaurant" for special occaisions. I would never have tried it, but a good friend of ours insisted it was worth it. Awesome food. I have a thing about not wanting to go to restaurants for so so food. I will go less often and pay more for really incredible food.

  12. Thanksgiving on the beach this year and last!! Both times it was sunny, beautiful, and 60 degree weather. We walked the dogs and had a great time. For that matter, both Christmases were similar.

  13. Boogey boarding with my husband. I always ALWAYS catch the most waves. Well, he really doesn't do well, but I try to coach him.

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crse said...

these are sooo sweet! I love that your husband planned your wedding day...that is so romantic!