Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not So Nice Feelings of Happiness

I wasn't going to post this, as it's something that I am not proud of, but I have been trying to delve up something for three hours now as I procrastinate from the important items of business that I should be doing. Perhaps pushing this out of my conscious (as it keeps twirling around in there) will get me motivated and off my ever expanding ass.

So my husband was talking to one of our neighbors a few streets over. See Tony (the guy who donated sperm for my creation) has a summer house over there. He just moved to a condo for his full time home, and there has been a question as to whether my childhood home (not a home of good memories for me) was sold or not. I do know that there is another family living there, but the house has not come up on MLS searches (as every house that is sold does) for the sold listing.

Tony does not do well under financial pressure (understatement of the year). Money is key to him, lack of money or financial mobility is something that he just isn't able to deal with gracefully. If my step wasn't such a monster and so deserving of this karma, I would feel bad considering what it looks like my husband found out. Again, I don't feel pride that I grin like a cheshire cat every time I think on this. If I were you reading this, the thought that I was a little bitch would cross my mind.

Any way, they must be renting the house, as it appears the loving couple is carrying all three properties (summer house, orginal house, and 450000 condo) in this raging (not) real estate market we have. Could it be because the step monster (ie cracker jack real estate agent) went way too high in the first place during the downslope of real estate? That by the time they reduced the price, perhaps people wanted actual stairs that went down to the cellar instead of a hole they could fall through (among other improvements and the shitty remodeling job they paid for in the first place)?

Must be a lovely pressure cooker at ye old folks house. I wouldn't be surprised to see headlines like "husband cracks, chops wife into small pieces after taking out 1 mil life insurance policy". Could go the other way too with this evil bitch, but her wealthy father just died, perhaps leaving her a little something that wouldn't be shared otherwise. God, he knows how to pick them, and makes excellent financial decisions. Course he would never listen to me in the past, even knowing how successful I was in my career. Good, I never want to have helped him EVER.

I am going to hell. Sorry, grandma, I know this is your baby boy, and I think he's going to be several floors down from you when it's his time.
Actually, what a wuss I am. I should be revelling in this. I don't play the dysfunctional family sports well.

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crse said...

oh buddy. i can relate to exactly what you are feeling. I had a big breakthrough in therapy when i used the h word in relation to my mom. My therapist asked me to define hate and i related it to revelling in her comeuppance. She kind of laughed because she equates it more with physical violence but i abhor violence. I cant even hate successfully, im that much of a wuss!

And part of me still wonders why these monsters cant just have eye opening revelations and realize that what theyve done to the children (both their own and those of their spouses) is unforgivable but efforts to make amends should be offered immediately and without question or excuse.

Expect some dreams buddy.