Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Communication in The Family

Recently a family member has been including me on their "junk mail" postings to the family. It's an interesting dynamic, and I think telling of a family that just can not communicate in any constructive way. No, "hey, how are you, missed you on Christmas". Just forwarded chain letters. That is just so typical in my family. I don't know, maybe I am on that list by accident . Also interesting, my bioligical male sperm donor also is on the list. I wonder if the step monster is on the list (I have deleted the e-mails) that would make an interesting dynamic LOL (read feud because the monster will rage about anything that isn't exactly her way). Course she hates this relative, as this relative hates her so probably not on the e-mail list.

Course, I am not any master of communication as I grew up with this family!! The moment I started speaking my mind instead of skirting around it, the rift occurred. It was me in fact that insisted upon the rift. I finally insisted upon a way that I was to be treated from now on, and they are unable to treat me with respect or caring. Unfortunately the only ones they can treat with respect or caring are themselves. I don't mean treat each other with respect or caring either, just very narcistically their own selves only.

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crse said...

its amazing that they can all go to their own pasts and find reasons why they are excused because they never "learned to respect or care" but you are right...they sure know how to narcissistically "nurture" themselves...