Saturday, January 13, 2007

155 Million Powerball Drawing Tonight

How many other people have this disease? Whenever I play powerball (and I never play unless it's over 100 mil, cause let's face it that's the minimum I need to survive LOL) I am sure that I am going to win?

I will even let the anticipation build by not checking the number for a few days so that possibility continues to exist, which would point to the fact that I know I am going to loose. Fantasizing about how I am going to spend the money or what we are going to do:

  1. Let Robert know when the money clears the bank so he can quit his job (I would still continue my business of training dogs. I might even buy my dream car (not his as he would want to pick it out himself) to pick him up somewhere in finery so he knows I am not kidding this time . Not that I have ever fooled him, this would just be the proof needed. Probably the deposit slip and copy of our bank transactions would help. My dream car, by the way, would probably be a new Range Rover, although I really prefer the 1981 used one that I had. Later on I would probably get the classic Range Rover that I really wanted (love the big windows, no blind spots, and just love the look of that truck), plus three or five dogs can all fit comfortably in the back.

  2. Pay off all our debt and mortgages. Clearly.

  3. Buy a house in Stowe VT. Nothing fancy, just something comfortable with some land (for the dogs of course) when we go and ski, which would probably be all the skiable winter.

  4. Buy a house on the ocean with some land, and make this house and land all for the dog school possible shelter and kennel. Perhaps a couple of guest houses on the property.

  5. Buy also all the acreage around this house, so that we can have 40 or 50 acres devoted to the dog school and shelter (we have that available now, but it would protect it so no one would buy it and build on it as they are prone to do here). Fence that in (just in case one gets loose as I will have a staff). Also build safe areas that staff can use to quickly isolate a dog or themselves if trouble breaks out. Building of a training room and kennel (possibly). I don't like to use kennels for dog boarding, but for isolating during a short portion of the day I don't mind. Or in a shelter situation, you really don't have much choice if you want to keep everyone healthy and safe.

  6. Pay for the maintenance and paving of our street, so the neighbors won't complain about the business. Not that there is much they could do, but some might try to complain if it got busy. Paying for the maintenance and paving the street (and including speed bumps) would go a long way to keeping everyone happy. And if you could convince the city for public water and sewer, well then......

  7. Probably come up with some kind of family trust fund or gifting for nieces, nephews, bothers, sisters, and Robs dad. Rob's dad is doubtful to say he would need anything, but specially make sure that he is all taken care of. He's very set in his ways, loves where he lives even though it's difficult to climb the stairs, and has shown no interest in moving here with us , but we will check again and again. His disorder (similar to mine) would make it difficult to actually live in the same place with him, but he is a loving and wonderful man. He's been a great dad to Robert, and I am sure is responsible (as is Robs mom) for his compassion and kindness.

  8. Personal trainer for both of us.

  9. Personal nuitritional chef for both of us.

  10. I will NEVER clean again, but my house will be like my grams was in cleanliness. Now would just need to find someone to hire that can do that . Dogs leave a lot of hair and dirt, especially when they are allowed as much leeway as mine are.

  11. Vacation to Hawaii for the husband. We have never been, and he always thought he wanted to retire there (until he met me). I'm not so excited about the destination, but we have fun wherever we go, and I am sure that if we pick the right location (and the volcano there does not erupt) I will enjoy it. Not a house there, as your dogs need to be quarantined for six months, and that just ain't happening.

  12. Big old party at the ocean house. All my family is invited EXEPT mom, dad, and step monster. To her credit, mom wouldn't expect to be invited. I make it crystal clear to all family members that dad and step ARE NOT INVITED. Additionally (in my fantasy) all come, as his siblings all pray to the alter of money and material things. The most wealthy ones win. Well, that would be my step-brother, his family on his father's side, and his wife's family (talking almost bill gates rich there). Nevertheless, money shall lure all that dad is related to, and leave dad and step seathing with envy and regret for their now favoritess of daughters. Probably would get calls of apology from both on the press release of the Powerball play. Course, I would not accept the false apologies.

  13. Oh I almost forgot, to die for wardrobes. Well made clothes anyway, not necessarily the most extravgant and expensive. Perhaps a stylist to help me put it all together.

  14. Definately designers to put my houses together and furnish them. I know what I want, I just don't always know the best way to go about getting there. It's helpful if you have someone you can connect with, that does this everyday for a living.

There it is. My fantasy of instant wealth.

And then there is this guy, who started giving out money when he was poor, and then became "secret santa". Does that put my musings to shame or what? Not so good news is that he died, but if you check out the bottom of the story, he has left his legacy and nice doings in place. We could all contribute to the secret santa cause.

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