Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Duh, Save as Draft

Okay, I finally figured out that you can cheat and prepost on Blogger. Wow, that was one of the things I was hating about Blogger, and now it's going to be gaining on Typepad as my more favorite Blog service, and it's free!! I just don't know if I can take copying all my blogs back over hear again even to save 150.00 per year. Course, the other thing I like about Typepad, is I have so much space and have unlimited blogs that I can set up. Good for business, so I probably need it anyway with the video I am downloading and such!!

The other thing Typepad just started doing, which is a huge help, is placing the pictures on the portion of the page that you want them. So that one does not have to drag them down the page. Especially helpful if you have a really long post, because ultimately it screws with your paragraphs when you drag, and then you have to go back and reformat everything.

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crse said...

see this is very helpful to me because ive thought about switching over. ive been reading but your comment section wasnt loading, fyi. (ok thats a minus for blogger!)