Monday, January 15, 2007

Freezing Rain

Pelting frozen droplets of water are pelting the ground and forming a crust of slickness. I should have bought the infomercial shoe modifiers. The equipment strapped onto your shoe, and had metal dots on the bottom that adhere to the ground.

Unfortunately, I most likely need to find a way to go out this afternoon to Nan's client's house. Nan is a pet sitter in the area that has referred to me a good amount of business, so I try to help her out when she asks. I took the afternoons for her with her client in Kittery, which is first of all a bit farther on a good day than I want to drive, and second of all we are now in the middle of an ice storm.

Poor Pearly's owner was not able to get here yesterday. I don't know how well she is going to be able to get here this morning. Luckily, Pearly is very easy to take care of.

I have nothing else to write about now, but ice storms take the power out all the time, so I figured I best get my blogs updated (although I keep forgetting that this is no longer my priority blog).

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