Friday, January 19, 2007

Unregistered Cars

Just figured out that my husband and I have been driving around in unregistered cars. In the big city, I would get an e-mail and do it online. Not so in the sticks of Maine LOL. Any way, just glad that a police officer did not need to "remind" us with the accompanying fee and possible jail time. Now to get the cars inspected, only past due since October, and you need to make an "appointment" to get an inspection around here. Oh, so far from the city.

Siruis is bouncing up and down. There may be a merger, FCC says there won't be a merger, XM is being sued, analysis say FCC isn't right appeal in motion. Can you just hear my stock "boing boing boing". It's way up, it's way down, and now it's up. The investment journalists are just having some fun at my expense now .

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