Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bye To The Poop

My Father In Law died on Tuesday (5/6/2008). He had a bad slide the last few weeks that included two heart attacks. A stroke landed him in the hospital in the first place before that. I learned enough about old age care to be very alarmed for my old age. They basically played hot potato with my father in law, as an infection festered from his amputated toe.

I know the infection was not the hospital's fault but their cavalier treatment of trying to get rid of him was inexcusable, and I am convinced the reason the infection festered. The hospital should not have let him go anywhere until he was stabilized.

Well, my father in law is gone now. I do think that was his wish, even if that was not our wish for him. The poop was broken hearted after the loss of his beloved wife. I think she was 95% of his enjoyment of life. His mental illness without her, really took over and diminished his life considerably.

Goodbye Poop, we love you. I know your beloved wife greeted you as you passed over.

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