Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mom's Day Is on The Way!!

Do not worry, my little damaged friends. Mother's Day is on the way, and has already inspired a couple of postings. You will have to wait though, and be good. In the meantime, I will provide the following giblets of family angst.

Never was a Mother or Father's Day fan. Just another day that was theirs LOL. My husband's mother used to say "everyday is Mother's Day". My husband and his parents didn't just talk on the holidays, they talked everyday. And truth to tell, my E donor was up for the talking. It's just that it was always about her, and got old real fast. Robert and her mom would talk about both of them. She was interested in him, and she was interested in her.

It was a good example of getting what you give. My parents got what they gave from me, and it was quite a different relationship.

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