Sunday, May 18, 2008

Definition of a Threat

The American Heritage dictionary defines threat as:

An expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment.
An indication of impending danger or harm.
One that is regarded as a possible danger; a menace. TRANSITIVE VERB: Archaic threat?ed , threat?ing , threats
To threaten.

One legal definition of a threat:

second circuit case, that the threat:
"on its face and in the circumstances which it is made is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate and specific as to the person threatened as to convey a gravity of purpose, imminent prospect of execution."
-- Barry Steinhardt, in his opening statement to the MTTLR Jake Baker debate.

And then there is my mother's perception of a threat, which is my post to her basically saying I won't like when she publishes medical info or lies about me:

My Posting As follows:

I would like to comment about the "not slamming". If that means not commenting when you do something inappropriate, I am going to have to comment when you do inappropriate things, like I perceive your bi polar statement.
If it means ignoring things that just don't add up or make sense, that probably won't happen either.
If there came a time where you can own your actions, there might come a time where I may feel comfortable approaching you.

My Mother's Response:

Currently I am not comfortable with you approaching me. No matter whether you are comfortable with that or not. I am NOT comfortable with that.
If you continue in the current manner, when we have nothing further to talk about, I will cut you off from commenting.
In fact, after thinking about this more, I realize that you are threatening me. I am not okay with being threatened. I am cutting you off from commenting as of now.

And the reason for that response? Her role of "victim" to her friends has now been compromised, because I have extended an opening of sorts. I knew she wouldn't take it, any more than she would agree not to publish medical stuff about me on the internet. She likes her role, and she doesn't like or love me. It serves her purpose to remain stuck there.

Got it? Over and out.

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