Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Too Beautiful A Day

Memorial Day was nice. In addition to remembering our armed forces (human and canine), deceased family members (human and canine); we also spent a bit of the day together, me and the husband.

Went to Kittery, and found him a pair of shoes at Clark Bostonian to wear to our trip to Boston shortly. He has killed all his comfortable walking shoes!! I remember when I would have to sneak his disgusting ones out, and to the trash bin in order to get him to buy new shoes. He already feels bad at paying a "normal" price for the shoes and is threatening to return them!! Whereas my philosphy is that I don't pay high price or full price, but if I find a normally priced pair of shoes that are well made, then I don't feel guilty getting them for me. They last years instead of months for instance. I have two pairs of walking Clark Bostonians that serve me very well.

We had happy hour at the Harbour Inn in York. It was Italian night, so that means free manicotti, sausages, cesar salad, and cheese cake!! This is where we regularly go now when Robert does not want to cook (unless it's Chinese food, and then it's Greenleaves) of course.

My S Donor was down, and we were almost in the same grocery store, but as we were driving out, he was driving in. Since he lives one street over from me, he pretty regularly sees me walking or training dogs in the neighborhood. My step brother, his wife, and kids were over there. No visit of course , and there lives would be hell anyway if they crossed the monster!! Didn't seem like any of the relatives from my side of the family were over there.

It always puzzled me, the monster and S Donor always have events here during holiday weekends. Easily the WORST time for family to come here. A two hour drive becomes a seven hour drive, and York seems to get busier and busier each year. I remember how I hated coming here because of that, three hours with these people, and then you are going to either have to rent a hotel room, stay in the crowded house, or drive for seven hours. I always chose driving for an alotted time LOL. If you did not want to come for any reason, the step would be on the phone berating you. Meanwhile, they also had lived in the town right next door to me, and closer to the other relatives and not a hot spot for tourists. I mean it was fun every now and again, but it was too small to hang out indoors during the buggy times, and so it was basically outdoors with the bugs on lawn furniture.

One of the last times I went, my dog Neptune was dying. I had told them I did not want to go. The problem was they needed someone to bring the Monster's father, but none of the actual family wanted to do it. So I was berated, and gave in (really bad decision on my part). I come, I am depressed and worried about my dog, and all I hear is my step (whose friggin father I just transported at 6 am in the morning so we wouldn't hit traffic) berating my father because I am outside being sad, and NOT helping her. This one time, I was like F it bitch, I am going to hang out like everyone else does, I didn't want to be here in the first place.

Oh well, had to find something to bitch about today, as I get the most hits when I do LOL.

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