Monday, May 12, 2008

I really do need a reminder sometimes...(mother's day sequence continued)

Sometimes I forget just how sucky my E Donor can be, and then she gives me the gift of a post . And now I know it was her or one of her warped friends that posted. They have hunted me down before with questions like "how can you not talk to your mother just because you didn't get a big wedding". Err, for the record, we planned our own wedding and it was perfect. Actually, I could have used at least three less guests there.

So now the post. OH, I am so embarrassed my E Donor used the bipolar card. She doesn't read this (supposedly, but all her friends do...yeah right we are that dumb), but I don't have issues with her due to bipolar, as much as she would like to think so. But it is a reminder of what a pathetic excuse for a mother and a human being that she is (like I need that). I know some medical things about her, but I am not about to share them dear readers. That's really her business, and something she needs to take care of herself.

Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if I have imagined what an ugly person she is. All I have to do is skip over to her blog. I was actually sort of proud that she held off for once on her vicious postings and lies. If she thinks this blog "degenerates" her, I only talk about facts. Those are the facts, and I am sorry she is so embarrassed for her actions. I would totally be too, if I treated my child like that.

But this blog is not for her, or even you dear audience. It's actually for me so I can chart my own progress through these waters, instead of repressing it. I am not a good one for repressing. And it is actually public because I do like to work it out and hear from other people. The only comments that I delete are spam comments. I can take it. I mean, I really don't care what y'all think, unless you think I am right LOL .

The fact that I can laugh at it, and the absurdity of her, is in my mind the healing process taking root. So friends (spies) of the E Donor, go take a long walk off a tall cliff, and be embarrassed of yourself for the way you are dealing with your issues by attacking another.
You know, I don't have much to write about these days unless the E Donor posts, and unfortunately she can't stop addressing me. I like to let her know that she is full of shit.
And it's sort of sick for her "friends" to be reporting back to her. Take care of your own problems instead of deflecting onto someone else.


Lisa said...

I just perused her blog post...she is a mother..MOTHER would ever blame her child....she is a hyppocrite and a narcissist...she is pathetic...

Winterskiprincess said...

Let's just say, I am now okay with the decision that I made (though I was not really aware I was making it) in 1997. I own by and stand my decision today without guilt. That took a very long time.