Friday, May 30, 2008

Er, I do Believe Estrangement Queen Just Admitted She Posts in Retaliation

Check out comment 21 in this post.

"Where in the world do you think that she actually misses me, likes me or loves me????? If that were the case, then my actions would be different than what they are. She does not."

Ah, so bi polar was in to get back at the daughter who does not find her Estranged Donor a real charmer when she posts that she did not care when her grandfather and step brother died. I am sorry, I don't know how to "miss, like or love" someone like that. Especially when they are unable to say they are sorry.

But just in case you want to disagree with her:

"You seem to be a very troubled soul and I am beginning to feel sorry for you."

You will be picked apart accordingly. Course, a recent poster just hit a nerve with me as well. I don't think I called them troubled however, just deflecting a bit. I was a bit testy, I admit. Not proud of that moment, especially when it seems to slightly resemble this moment. UGH.

I guess we do share SOME DNA, but I really don't believe I have the lack of empathy and narcistic qualities she does. I don't make up lies or fill in stories where I don't know what happened, or are not based on one's own words.

I realize she doesn't realize that she just admitted that she writes things out of retaliation. Talk about a threat. Course I have fed into her "conversation" by acknowledging it in the first place.

I just hope some other soul can see that sometimes, it's best to just walk away if possible. It still causes me to look inward on occaision.
She has other things that she can post, guess it's just best to look away now, and let her do her worst if she wants. I wonder how different can she really be in her personal life? I mean it's possible she is, I am. I vent a lot of stuff here. It is incredibly helpful. It becomes less and less necessary, and I now enjoy those periods where I really need to dig deep to write about something. Usually that is when Friday Blog Fishing, Tuesday Terror, and Thursday Thirteens come in real handy LOL.
I don't blog about EVERYTHING, I mean do I really need to give more amunition to be given a negative spin for the fodder? It's not that I care that other people read it, it's that I realize each time how much my mother disliked me. No matter what she says, dislike comes through very loud and clear, and it would be just great if she could be honest about it at least. Hey, I don't like or love my daughter. There it is. No more reasons to make up stories that she didn't care that her grandfather and step brother died. And yes, that bugs the absolute shit out of me that she would say such a thing. Wow, she REALLY REALLY didn't know a thing about the daughter she raised. One would have to listen to something other than the sound of their own voice, talking about themselves.
Yackity yackity blah blah blah. Me, memememememe, ME mememeemne, MEMEMEME, mememememee, myf riends, me. my photography, my parrots, and then there is mememememe. Oh yes and you, oh no wait, emememememememmemememememememmemememememmememmememmememmememememmemememmememm.
And then there is I and ME and then ME again, and I. And I hate weddings, and I hate Tony, and IIIIIII, and MEMEMEMEMEME.
UGH. I don't want to adopt an nice old lady in Maine by the way. Mom, has kind of been a word with not positive vibes my adult life. I am good. I don't know why it continues to bother me, other than the fact that this must be sooooo ingrained in us from childhood.
And when you look at those superficial photos, even knowing what they represent is not the truth, you want it to be the truth. You want it to be what you thought of them THEN, assuming that was good. I have to admit, I never thought much of my father since the third grade when he started trying to supress me from being me from then until I didn't talk to him very much after 20 or so. He still tried to downgrade my choice in mate. career, where I lived et, but I was just ignoring him then. "Oh, that's nice dad, yeah I will take relationship advice from you. Nice marriage you had there for 17 years NOT!!!!" Meanwhile, 17 years married this year and 22 years together total.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you one more thing.
I am troubled because my DH wanted his parents to love him and they threw him away. Who does that?

I do think that yes you care enough to see if shes changed.
Read this story it makes more sense.
Anyways as to your mum...she is bitter and mean..nothing more to say.
She takes everything someone types and twists it as an insult to her or someway to insult the typist.
I think personally it would be best if you did stay away..she needs help. Elle

winterskibunny said...

My husband's (biological) dad "left" the family when he was five. His step dad was his first dad.

The biological (I find this a hard title to give him) father did horrible things like steal the older kids money, have affairs, give his wife's things to his girl friends. They were, believe it or not, part of an arranged marriage.

Any how, when his mother family got sick of it and divorced him, this guy decided to pay her back he would have no part of his four kids lives as well. I know this has affected my husband, but not as much as if he had to live with this as long as his older two siblings did.

When you have lived with someone your whole life, the betrayal is even harder to understand, forgive, or relate to in anyway.

Family members do not deserve treatment like this. Maybe someday his mother will realize her error, and apologize. I hope so, it makes it far easier to overcome. Or just acknowledge that perhaps this was not the appropriate action.

Good luck to you both. I know how hard this is. Nancy Richards has a great blog on this. Love that article by the way. Was that written by you by any chance?

Anonymous said...

No but I stumbled on it.
I left home a long time ago...wanting something other than poverty and my mother's physical abuse. I forgive her for her parents were like that and she knew no better.
Sometimes I think my husband and I were meant to be together because we like you and yours are crabs that jump out of the pot.
The thing is we never had these problems before with his family until his parents moved back to this area we are now.
It isnt coincidence.
Just like my Mother in law said "her inlaws hated" her is not coincidence.
Just like your mother rubs me the wrong way...its maybe because she rubs everyone that way?
I ask you and I wonder is she a virgo..just asking.

winterskibunny said...

No, born November 21st, so I believe Sag.

winterskibunny said...

Oh, and obviously she rubs ME the wrong way, and I have known her to rub other people the wrong way.

I am convinced that there are not nice people in the world, and those people procreate!!! Not all their kids can be bad, but must be decent people. So it's totally possible for either parents to have horrible kids, or kids have horrible parents.

All in all though, my husband and my life is pretty darned good. My poor husband just lost his dad this year, and his mom three years ago now. Seems unfair somehow, since they had such a great relationship. On the other hand, some sons and daughters loose their parents much ealier.

I was fortunate to have my Italian Grandmother and Grandfather around for a good portion of my life. I even knew my Great Grandmother until I was 9, and then she was the first in the family that I knew of to die.

It's nice that you forgave your mother for that, it probably wasn't easy. I would guess that she probably felt bad for it as well.