Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Other People With Issues (mother's day sequence continued)

Dear Cowardly Anonymous (my E Donor's "friend" or E Donor):
Strangers who post negatively to others blogs never cease to amaze me. I had one visitor, "anonymous" of course. You didn't talk to your mother and then she died. For some reason you looked up a blog about estrangements (or regularly spy on it for my E Donor), to attack someone else you don't even know, rather than face your own error.

You know, it's like the woman who had an abortion. Now thinks a girl who was raped by her brother should not have the choice she had, because it went bad for her. Not ever thinking that every human being has different experiences, measurements, and decision making abilities.

I am sorry you regret your choice, and was seeking to lash out at others on Mother's Day, then again, I didn't invite you or twist her arm to read my blog on my progress either:) You must be some piece of work. If you are my E Donor, you are definately a piece of work.

Plus, this is not the diplomacy blog. I am pretty direct. So audience be warned. And feel free to seek therapy instead of reading this blog if you have "issues", dear anonymous.

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