Sunday, May 25, 2008

Marvelous Day, Only Three Dogs In The House, and They are Mine

Pay for dog services is great, especially if you are a trainer and know pack management. That isn't to say I take every dog, I don't, but I do take my clients trained dogs in. As this steam rolls forward and the roster gets bigger, this means 10-12 dogs in my house is getting to be a way to common occurrence!!

Now I find myself with two whole days of just my dogs!!!! Course I have three, but it's like none in comparison and they are all mine:) They are our family, and I am sure as happy for the break as me. Don't get me wrong, they enjoy all their doggie friends to. I must say I have some of the best canine clients ever.

During this break, we managed to get the high traffic rugs steam cleaned, and we are working at getting the masterbedroom wood floor installed. We are doing it ourselves, wish us luck. We will need it. I need to take some pictures of this.

Jack gorged himself yesterday when I didn't lock down the new dog container. Now I am worriedly obsessing about his belly, and chasing him down everytime he poops.

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