Monday, May 26, 2008

Things You May Want to Ponder Before Actually Saying Them Out Loud to Your Wife

"Well, at least you aren't as crazy as your mother."

"Our marriage may not be the best, but......." when gossiping about another's marriage, there is probably a MUCH better way to put this.

"You don't look that bad".

"Honey, you used to have it like that" and then the attempted save "hey you can't go back to nineteen" (female translation for those boys who are too stoopid to figure it out, this means you don't look that great now, and will never come close to looking great again)

Unless you actually want your wife to start looking for a new "boy toy" things like these are best left behind the lips never to be spoken. I am just saying. Don't worry, me and my husband are fine. I visit the garden where I buried him everyday .

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