Saturday, May 31, 2008

Warning, Stalking Crazy Lady Alert

The enclosed picture is just a funny picture that I found BTW, and not a picture of the Estrangement Queen.

I should warn readers, and perhaps put up this message on a monthly basis. If you poke the Estrangement Queen (and you will only be likely to know who that is if you follow this blog), she will try to glean any information that she can about you. She will try to hunt you down. She does not understand the definition of boundaries, unless it relates to her.

It's sad yet true. I don't even know how she found out where one person works!! Here is what she said about another that dared to disagree (and what she went out and found about about him):

"Mr. Blue/Keillor told me that I wasn't really estranged, that my style was combative, and that I shouldn't write a book. It sounded to me like, "Silly woman! Get your head on straight! Your daughter isn't really not talking to you but you have a combative style and that is the problem and, for heaven's sake, don't write a book .... that would be just .... silly!"My response to this in email was ... combative! I informed Mr. Keillor/Blue that he must have issues with his mother and/or his ex-wife and that I had sent in my question to him as an experiment in asking a columnist anything and he had failed the test! Thereby confirming for him his point about my combativeness! Remembering that makes me smile a bit."

Yes, he failed the test by not agreeing with her, and must have a problem with women because he agreed WITH HER DAUGHTER who didn't even have to talk for herself for the point to come across!!

"Dear Rejected,This is a grievous story and I am sorry for your loss of the adult friendship of a child. But your combative tone makes me think that you have blundered into this situation and antagonized your daughter on your own steam. You say this started back when you got upset about her taking you for granted? Good Lord, madame, that is a poor pretext for a fight with your only child, I must say. God knows, it's human enough to get upset, but there comes a point when you simply must accept your children as they are, stop prodding and pushing and punishing them, and learn to enjoy their company. You weren't rejected: You simply got into a fight you had no business fighting, and you wound up the loser. It's a sad fact that our power to anger and alienate others is so immense and our power to reconcile is so pitifully small. The lesson is: Be slow to anger. Don't be right every time you have a chance to. And don't go off writing a book about this as a further exercise in self-justification. If you need to write something, try writing an apology."

And then the search for info:

"Online .... amazing what you can learn online these days!... I learned that Garrison Keillor's daughter was born in 1998. She is his first daughter. He is now 62. He has a son who was born in 1969. His son is 3 years younger than my daughter. His son works for him. Garrison Keillor has been married 3 times and was estranged for a time from the city of St. Paul, Minnesota but they have since made up.

I learned that Garrison Keillor was raised in a conservative religious family that belonged to the Plymouth Brethren. I know more about Brethren in general than I know about Garrison Keillor. I know that they are truly very conservative. That their beliefs about how to live a life would have been very different from that of a popular writer/entertainer who makes his living creating radio shows and books. I read that he suffered from shyness although that is hard for me to believe as I have struggled mightily with shyness and fears throughout my life and I can't imagine how a truly shy person could have lived a Garrison Keillor sort of life! But this may be due to a shortage of imagination on my part. If he is a Shy Person, then he deserves credit for overcoming his Shy Side and forging on with life"

Shyness is not a disease for God's sake, first of all. I am shy. I need to get things done, therefore, I can not revert into myself as I might prefer. She talks about it like some monumental task that only she has taken on, like having to work for almost no money when you are young.

Any who, be warned Ye Who Visited the Lair of the Estrangement Queen. With programs like site meter, being anonymous is sometimes not protection enough!!!

You know, I like to research people too. There was a guest on Howard Stern that had a lot to do with Satellite radio, and I found his story interesting. Or a celebrity you like dies, or another dog trainer posts an article. But I think something is very very wrong with someone who needs to hunt down each and every person that does not agree with them!!! I mean, some people don't agree with you and in fact will never agree with you, right. The world still manages to turn on it's axis somehow though.


Anonymous said...

Your mother has blocked me off her blog.
Since she cant help but read yours I will say this.
Yes I get paid to surf...tough life isnt it?
I also do a boatload of paper work done while doing it.
My job would make her head spin.
Shes a mean old crone and her friends on her blog are too.
Our generation doesnt need their selfish imput in our lives anyway..poor me my daughter doesnt like me (because I'm a mean bag).

winterskibunny said...

Oh, I know. If you disagree with her or say no, she really attacks.

It will always be all about her, and her poor little self at getting pregnant at 19 blah blah blahidy blah.

Anonymous said...

I got pregnant at 19 and its the best thing that ever happened to me. I went from being alone to being in a family. My daughter also got pregnant at 19 and her and her husband live with us while in college. Its hard to be married at any age. Its good to grow up along with your children and I have been lucky to embrace every milestone they have met. Every day is a new adventure...especially the grandma days. Who said life was supposed to be easy? I read somewhere its the hurdles that make it interesting. I like to picture the video game frogger and that is what life is about...getting to the other side.

winterskibunny said...

I agree. Life does not always agree with your plans. And if you decide to have a child, no matter the circumstances, you really should enjoy then through all stages of life.

I think that is a very healthy attitude that you have. Your daughter and grand daughter are very lucky to have you there in their lives:)