Saturday, December 23, 2006

13 Thirteen Good News Stories and Blog Search Not only an excellent self healing story, but a blog to revisit with good news of or own:) Firefighters given animal rescue gear. As a dog trainer, I imagine certain gear is key in rescuing a pained or frightened animal from such a situation!! Dog alerts family and is recognized. Two girls found safe after snatched with grocery cart. Two kids leave home before mom gets up and go out on an adventure. Found safe thank goodness. The benefit of dogs is most can not operate door knobs, or we'd all be in big trouble. Leon's close though. Car and Christmas gifts stolen and then all recovered:) Family who received help after they immigrated here, now help others in better times. Santas helpers provide bikes for deserving children. Older brother saves younger brother from drowning. 80 year old man's job has been lost and found for families in large festivals. Soldier reunited with family to spend holiday with. Homeless tean meets with prince, and looks forward to media career. These homeless people are getting food, shelter, shower, and the pampering that they deserve.

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