Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Poetic Reply to Mother

Oh, it's sick. I recognize my dysfunction in even having to comment on my mother's poem, never mind to respond in poetic kind.

To a "Loving" Mother

Mothers who love their children

Understand that they are individuals

Mothers who love their children

Are not suddenly surprised that

Everything the mother likes

Is not something their child will like

Children who love their mothers

Participate in things with them

That they might not like

Some children are overly polite

Some children did not have role models of

Communicate to follow

So they did not say directly right away

"Wouldn't it be nice if you participated in something I liked"

Instead they admired your photography

They antiqued with you

They watched boring programs on TV

After traveling 8 hours to be with you

And what they heard about was




Even at their wedding

The reply from the loving mother was

"bite me"

"shit happens"

Not one apology for making it about

Getting back at my father by pulling family members out

To see your vintage car

Not one apology for not having lunch or dinner

With your daughter before her wedding

Not one apology for going on and on about a divorce

Over 8 years previously

But the polite child never complained

And the polite child takes responsibility for that

But this child never dreamed on the one day

She said "stop" "enough" my husband is in the hospital

As you demanded the perfect Christmas gift

Would be met by unending demands for a months

That a break you requested

Would instead be constant harrassing letters

In a "therapy" style

That you would further go on to interview relatives

Instead of listening to or reading your daughter's own words

On what the problem was with our relationship

To send demands after I relented to a visit from you

On your menu choices, as if we were your servants for the week.

I say it again "Enough"

Be gone evil demon of despair.


crse said...

hi! I found you through your link to my blog (thank you by the way!) and let me tell you buddy, we have a LOT in common. (making me wonder if my mom is out there writing hideous poems about my brothers and I) I can so relate to a lot of what you are saying (my step monster SUCKS ASS but I never had to live with her and my dad was literally my only sanity while growing up). If you dont mind, Im pretty sure I will be back and Im a serial commenter! Ill start by saying I actually work in mental health and I will tell you, its SO GOOD that you are writing about stuff. And Im very glad that you have a wonderful husband (but i do agree that you dont ever have to believe anymore that "they didnt do it on purpose" when he says that. Its bullshit) and hope this helps you in your journey. Take care and come visit me anytime you like ok? Laughing will get us through this.

winterskibunny said...

Hey, feel free to leave your comments:) Glad to see someone is reading this and it's not one of my parents.

Already said all of this to them. It is for me, and you are absolutely right, it does help to write it out. Even better to get such a nice and positive message.

Thank you.