Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sinus Medicine/Showering/Bed Pals

I always say about procrastination, especially to my dog training clients, just do it now, you never know when you are going to be sick. I cleared the month of December from any serious dog training to get ahead, and don't you know got something.

My theory is always to take care of whatever it is you have, if you indeed have the luxury to do that at the time. Otherwise you are just sicker longer and your performance ultimately suffers. Therefore, while not 100% I do feel relatively perky today, and am ready to get "caught up" on some very important (inside anyway) tasks today.

One outside thing I need to do is let my two and two and a half year old Doberman boys run a bit and have at least a short adventure with them. When I am sick in bed, these boys are so good. They aren't perfect, I will find myself giving the "quiet" (well when I am sick yelling the command) command and down command at least a few times, while I am trying to nap. Overall though, these two very energetic and "can play all day" boys are the perfect sick girls companions. Leon, who sleeps under the covers with me, is excellent at chasing away the aches and pains with his body heat and enormous size. Jack is usually at my toes. And my 14 year old, Jazz has the spot on the pillow near my head. She, at this point, is also greatful for some great naptime in her geriatric years. She is also good for quieting down the boys for me on most occaisions.

So I guess it's time to shower, clean, bills, some medical paperwork, claims form, and those taxes filed from last year. Yuck. All my favorite stuff....Not. Well, showering I like. Course I am still morning the 40,000 redesign of a bathroom in my old house. I assumed we would be living there for another 15 years. Then we found this place near the ocean, and well, it was painful but I gave up the bathroom. Needless to say, it's going to be a little while until we can do the work on our masterbathroom to get an incredible shower like we had. My husband basically designed it with the contractor, and I doubted it, but I could have taken 6 hour showers in there every day after it was built. Really, it was a think of beauty, and don't even start me on the jacuzzi that I specially picked out for myself.

Ocean really pretty much wins out though, as does the four acres of playground that my dogs can romp in without me ever leaving the yard (had .10 acres before and had to drive somewhere to get their yayas out). Dobermans can live in an apartment et, but they really do need to stretch their legs unencumbered most days of the week, if you have a healthy one. They are thinking dogs too, so an adventure needs to be thrown in there.

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